Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cinco De Mayo: Who's having a Fiesta??

We are week away from Cinco De Mayo and I'm actually going to host a lil something with one of my besties and her fam. So I'm kind of excited about it! Any excuse to have some Micheladas and Margaritas, right!?! Hehe. For a YUMMY Carnitas recipe, that's perfect for a fiesta, check out last years post here. This year I wanted to share a simple tasty dessert that happens to be one of my FAVS! Now I'm sure there are different names for them, according to region but I know them as Sopapillas. And boy are they SUPER easy to make!*Cut flour tortillas into triangles, deep fry them to a golden brown color, drain on a paper towel and BAM, you're done! Dust sugar on top and if you really want LIVE, drizzle chocolate sauce over them, even serve them a la mode! HEAVEN! My mouth is watering just thinking about them! :)
Having a small or big gathering, whatever the case is you must style it cute! Tini Posh is offering FREE Cinco De Mayo printables that you will just LOVE. I'm in love with the bright color scheme she used. I plan on using them as well!What are all of you up to? What's going on your menu? =)


Tini Posh said...

Thanks for sharing J!! OMG those sopapillas look delicious!! Can you ship me some..LOL! Have fun..can't wait to see the FIESTA!