Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gender Reveal Cakes

I'm sure most of you have heard of "gender reveal" parties, they're pretty common nowa days. I think it's a fun idea but I don't see myself having a whole party to let everyone know what I was having if I was preggers. Not my style. But a small dinner, with a "gender reveal" cake......that sounds more my type of thing and definitely low key.
A couple of days ago, I happen to grab the Food Network article for this month and was kind of surprised (thought it was a lil funny actually), as to how far people have gone with the "gender reveal" cake! Some have actually had their doctors write down the gender, seal it in an envelope, so they in turn can give it to their bakery and have them bake either a blue or pink cake, surprising themselves as well.WOW. I don't know if I do all that but I can see how it can be fun for some. The cake in the magazine did look cute! Now, I'm all done popping out children but if someone out there does and decides to have a "gender reveal" cake, I'd love to see it!!


Alicia Stucky said...

I would have absolutely loved to do this with either of my children. With both of mine I sent out special cards before I told anyone. This sounds like so much fun!

Brittany @GreyGreyDesigns said...

I did one a few years ago for my friends (the What's it Gonna BEE party) and it was so fun. I overloaded on the blue food coloring in the cake and it was so BRIGHT!