Monday, March 7, 2011

Party Planning: Donuts & Cookies

It feels like I've been away forever! It's been a week, so yeah, that's forever! Well things have been so busy, with helping a couple of people with parties and working on my own, something had to give. Hopefully I can get more organized and get back on track.
Anyways, I just wanted to share my new little baking goodie, that I will be using for Nate's 2nd birthday party. On a stop at Sur La Table last week, I found this cute mini donut baking pan, along with a letter "N" cookie cutter. I thought it would be so cute to have these mini donuts! I had planned on making #2 shaped cookies, which I still may do but when I saw this cookie cutter, I knew I wanted to make those as well. I found a great recipe for royal icing, that is perfect for cookies and now I am good to go! I can't wait!
Sur La Table $9.99
(image below via google search)
Cookie Cutter $1.00
(cookie image via google search)

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Tini Posh said...

Very cute! Those donuts and cookie look ..yummy!!

Anonymous said...

Did you use your royal icing recipe for the Red cookie above? Is it easy to make?

J. At Your Service said...

It is easy to make actually. This cookie is not one I made, it's an image found on google. I made them after the post. Sorry I thought I put the source! :(