Saturday, November 27, 2010

Yo Gabba Gabba Live!!!!!

Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone! Yes, I'm posting out of order here but I don't care because I am just too eager to share our YGG Live experience! After the madness of the holiday and Black Friday shopping, we attended YGG live. Let me just say that it was.... AWWWESOMMME!!! We had the best time and the kids really enjoyed it, yes, even Serina, who could care less for it. Nate was in a little shock, I think he didn't know what to think himself. But he ended up having so much fun! We danced, we sang, we got confetti in our hair and caught balloons that fell from the sky. Even my hubby said that he had fun! Wow! We've taken our kids to live shows before but this, I can honestly say, was the most fun we've ever had.
In shock!
Still not knowing what to think. Oh and how about that bow, you like my bow? Hehe :)
Serina, as Dj Lance, hahaha and Tahlia
Biz Markie, showing the kids super beat!
I think his favorite part was the balloons falling!
Our Dancy Dance friend, teaching us a dancy dance: Zachary Levi
Super music friend show guest: Pretty Lights
Daniel had a blast!
And Nate, not wanting to leave just yet! LOL!
There's that smile!
For all my photos, check out my Facebook album.
Just a reminder from a previous post, I purchased our YGG inspired hair bows on Cute 4 Sale, on Etsy.