Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A "Cool" Christmas

As the holidays approach, the yearly struggle of trying to keep my older kids interested begins. 
Teens aren't always thrilled in "family time" like they were when they were little. Nor are they in love with all the frilly, traditional decorations, especially for Christmas. My goal in the past couple of years is to come up with more modern and "cool" decor that my girls won't be embarrassed of.

When I seen Tiny Prints "Playful Wishes" Christmas card, I immediately fell in love. Its modern, cool and geometric shapes are all the rage this year. The colors were perfect as well, nothing traditional about them. Not to mention that my girls were really happy that I wasn't going to make them dress up. We were going to keep it casual this year.

I absolutely loved the diagonal striped envelope liners that Tiny Prints has to offer! I really liked the idea of mixing patterns. These wrap around labels also matched great with them.

This card inspired my whole theme for Christmas this year! I decided to create a gift wrapping table for my girls. They loved the idea of wrapping and addressing the Christmas cards, especially the special gifts for Grandma and Grandpa.

Because I live in sunny So Cal, I took the gift wrapping table outside. This centerpiece I made will be coming inside afterward and be the center of my dining table for Christmas. I spray painted paper maché letters to spell out MERRY, in the colors to match.
I found a washi tape with colorful geometric shapes, as well as a black and white print ribbon, that I added to the letters.

I also ordered personalized wrapping paper from Tiny Prints. I used glittery ribbon in the mix of colors. Fortunately for me, I found a roll of wrapping paper in my closet that also went with my theme. I used both and they complimented each other perfectly! These round labels made addressing gifts super easy as well.

Even though its hot and sunny here, doesn't mean we can't have the traditional cookies and milk! And if you get them to match your theme, even BETTER. Auntie Bea's Bakery made these super cute snowflake cookies for me. I made and added vinyl decals to jazz up their milk cups.

You can never go wrong with gifts for Grandma and Grandpa that have their grandchildren's pictures in them.
I ordered a coffee mug for Grandma and acrylic photo block for Grandpa from as well. The kids loved how they came out.

I think I nailed it this year for sure! My girls loved how "cool" everything looked. They may even want to be a part of Christmas this year and NOT just in the gift receiving aspect. Ha! :)


Styling & Photography: J. At Your Service
Snowflake Cookies: Auntie Bea's Bakery
Personalized wrapping paper, Christmas Cards, envelopes w/ liners,
round labels, wrap around labels, picture mug, photo acrylic block: Tiny Prints