Wednesday, June 3, 2015

My Parties: POP Justice League 6th Birthday

Only 2 months since Nate's 6th birthday party and I'm now sharing pictures of his party. Pretty good right? I usually take 6 months! Hahaha. Anyways, this party was originally suppose to be The Flash but it true Nate form, he changed things up on me….. a week before. He wanted more of the Justice League characters. I had decided to use his POP Heroes "The Flash" figure as the inspiration and stuck with that when I incorporated the other characters. I struggled with an idea for the backdrop of the dessert table. I wanted the POP characters to be the focus but didn't know how I would do it. Thankfully, my party bestie came up with a great idea for me to photograph the figures and use their images for the backdrop. Now to get it done, was up to me. Yikes! It took a little time but I really love how it turned out. I used a foam board, "brick" vinyl backdrop from Ink & Elm (which I already owned), painted Dollar Tree 8x10 frames and had a POP Heroes photoshoot. I didn't have a ton of vendors and I pretty much dug into my garage for supplies. This is when hoarding comes in handy.
Check out our Justice League 6th birthday party, POP Heroes style.

 The only custom work I outsourced were these amazing cookies by Auntie Bea's Bakery. I asked if she could replicate my sons POP The Flash figure and she blew my mind!!

I made labels for the favor boxes, as well as tiny labels for these bubble wands.

 I also made button pins for the children to choose which super hero they wanted to be. Button pins and bubble wands I purchased at Michaels.

She also made Superman and they are BEYOND super!

Added yellow Batman symbol vinyls to these mini black pails. I've been hoarding them in my garage for about 3 yrs! Ha. 

 Super 6 cupcake toppers made by me :)

I really love my mini favor table(s) set-up.

Trying to tying in the different Justice League character was my goal. When I found these mini plastic jars (in my hoarding mess), I figured a simple red vinyl dot on them would be great to represent Cyborg.

These name plaques are something I've been obsessed with for centerpieces. I made one last year for Nate's Sonic the Hedgehog party. This time I added his POP figures for the plaque. I painted each letter to match each character.

Simple plate setting: star print plates from Target, a green rock candy stick and milk jars that I was hoarding, purchased at Michael's Craft Store. I added a fun superhero print duct tape that I found at Party City. Such an easy was to decorate them!.

I kept the guest table centerpieces simple and just made each one with a different character theme. Can you tell I really love to use my sons name throughout his parties?? LOL. I'm sorry. I got issues. ;)

Of course we had to have Flash make an appearance and the kids loved him! He was so much fun!
I highly recommend entertainers from Creative Parties for Kids, if you're in the L.A. or O.C. area. My big boy had a great time.

Flash and Superman cookies: Auntie Bea's Bakery
Red square favor boxes: Paper Mart
Clear Bubble wands, glass milk jars and clear button pins: Michael's Craft Store
Superhero print Duct Tape: Party City
The Flash entertainer: Creative Parties for Kids


Little Blue's Room said...

This is the coolest party ever! I love the wonderful little details that pulled this party together. My favorite -- the name centerpieces. Absolute genius!

Unknown said...

How did you make the guest tables centerpieces?