Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Party Planning: Tween Activity/ Shirt Cutting

Yes, it's that time, to plan another of my kids birthdays. When you have 3 kids, there is always a party to plan. Obviously, I TOTALLY don't mind and I love it! Although this time around, for Serina, it's been a little harder. She's a "tween" and basically that's pretty much a teen. They are cranky, sensitive, emotional, PICKY people, especially a GIRL. When I started to think of ideas for her birthday, I came up with what I thought was an awesome color palette and "cool" decor. Then I asked her about her ideas and what she wanted; RUDE awakening to say the least. LOL! I'm way more girly than she is. I like bling, sparkle, pretty blues and pink even. She wanted royal/Dodger blue, black and dark purple.....huh?!?! Well it was back to the drawing board! After discussing it with her and even taking her to the Fashion district in downtown L.A., for fabric choices, we came to a decision. Now the next challenge was the activities. She wanted nail painting (not with pretty pinks and glitter) but with funkier colors. Ok, check! As I ratted my brain to figure another activity, I thought of something I had seen on MTV (yes, I watch it now and then!). Shirt cutting, by the famous designer Adam Saaks! Ever heard of him? Maybe not. He is the famous shirt cutter (YES, that's an actual job!) for the Ed Hardy brand. His work is insane and his speed for this technique is crazy. I definitely don't have celebrity money for this service, so I thought I better learn this myself. After looking at a few videos on YouTube, I got the hang of it and decided to try it out on Serina. I had her grab an old top that she didn't wear or like anymore, grabbed the scissors and got busy! Can you believe my tween totally LOVED the idea, especially after I cut up her top. She actually wanted to wear that top to dinner. I think I may get "Rock Star" mom of the year award :)



Veronica said...

wow! super cool! too bad i don't have any girls.

Tini Posh said...

Great job on the cutting!! You are a Rockstar!!

J. At Your Service said...

@Vero- thanks! Trust me, count yourself lucky! You don't want to have the issues I'm having with her right now. I'm going to have a full head of grey hair by then end of Middle school! LOL!
@Caudia- Thank you! YAY! I get the award! Hehehe!

Pamela@JP Alexander Events said...

WHOA!! You were dead on. Great job. So glad she liked it. And don't worry about the grey hair. You can always die it. All the best!

Pamela@JP Alexander Events said...

Oops I meant dye it. lol


J. At Your Service said...

Thanks Pamela! Btw, loved our chat yesterday! Thanks for all the tips :)