Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Dia del Amor! What's YOUR story of love?

I want to wish everyone a great day, full of love. Now, I personally think it's a little over-rated. If you don't express love for one another the rest of your days, then this one day really doesn't mean much. But of course, when in Rome! So my hubby and I usually celebrate some how, whether it's by ourselves or with the kids. It is the day of "amor" after all and my loves are my hubby and beautiful children. My love story started way back in the 7th grade, when I met this "popular", "cute boy"! Totally crushed on him. Finally in the 8th grade had one kiss in the hall ways of our school and didn't reunite again until 7 yrs later. We've been inseparable for 10 yrs now! Through those 10 yrs there has been dating, children, marriage and more children. Hehe! I can't tell you how much better my life has been with this man in it and what an amazing life we have made. LOVE!
What is YOUR love story? Do tell! :)
And NOW!!

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Veronica said...

Cute post! Congratulations!