Wednesday, December 29, 2010

J. gets spoiled!

If you know me, you know that I am a minimalist. When it comes to myself, I don't buy tons of clothes, I own like 2 pairs of jeans. I LOVE shoes but I never buy myself shoes, so I have maybe like 4 pairs. Even when it comes to my passion of party planning, I usually buy what I need when I need it. And as of recently, I have wanted to start building up my party supplies but of course I will NOT go out and buy everything I want all at once. It will definitely be a little bit at a time. And if you know me, you know it's because I'd rather buy my children everything else! My children on the other hand, have MORE than they need and may be a little spoiled. Oh well! This Christmas though, things definitely went a little different, thanks to my husband, who is truly the MOST generous person I've ever met! He always tells me to go out and buy whatever I want, but for some DUMB reason, I don't. Well, he knocked my off my socks this past week! He surprised me with something I've been wanting since earlier this year, when I started by obsession with cupcake toppers. Not to mention I love the paper crafting part of party planning! Check it out!

I nearly died when this package arrived at my door!
I have been eyeing this Chrome dessert stand at Target, since all the Christmas decor came out, which was right around Thanksgiving. I waited, knowing that if would be on sale and the day after Christmas, I bought this bad boy for $15.00, org. price $30. Holla!!
I've been wanting this Crock Pot Trio for sooo long. We entertain so much, I just new this would be a great item to have. I actually got to see it put to use at a friends house and it just sold me even more. My BFPV has been on watch for a few months, checking to see when it became on sale and last week I got the text from her. It was on SALE for $49 at Target, original price $89.99 and even $99, in some places. So I ran out the door and grabbed the LAST one!
The Craft table I've been wanting? Oh yeah! The day after Christmas World Market had their furniture 50% off. And as I mentioned that lil tid bit to hubby, he told me go out and get it! Isn't he just the BEST!?!
But NOW, I really have to get my garage in order! Once the weather permits, we've planned on cleaning out the garage and definitely have a yard sale. I have to say.....J. got spoiled this year!



Veronica said...

wow! you certainly did get spoiled *he*he....and super cool, you got the cricut! i've been wanting one too, ever since I saw it on Adriana's blog. You will have to post some projects too!

Tini Posh said...

YAY! You got the table!!! You must post photos once it's up..I am glad Santa (aka Hubby) was good to deserve girl! Love all your gifts : )

J. At Your Service said...

@Vero-Yeah, I was super excited! I've seen so many discussion boards about the the Silhouette vs the Cricut and everyone says the Cricut is better, so I was SOLD on it along time ago! I can't wait to start but my projects will probably consist of cupcake toppers. I'm obsessed! Stay tuned :)

J. At Your Service said...

@ Claudia- Thanks girly! I definitely will! I have to finish cleaning my garage first :( Hubby can be pretty awesome but don't tell him I said that, or he'll get a big head! LOL!

Amaris said...

Cricut? Is that the damn thing you wanted for your bday that I didnt get you?? Haha. Remember when I thought it was a kitchen appliance?! LOL!!!

J. At Your Service said...

@Sister- YES, it is!! That was funny, I remember that! Dork.

Anonymous said...

You bratt!! Enjoy your toys!! =)