Monday, November 8, 2010

YGG Excitement!

I know that I posted last week about the YGG Van's pre-order that I made and I am so very excited to say, they have ARRIVED! I got them over the weekend and they look even better up close. I really shouldn't have let Nate see them because now he wants to wear them and he threw a fit, when I put them away. Poor baby! He LOVES his YGG!

On another YGG note: One of the many wonderful blogs I follow, "Cupcakes take the Cake" showcased these adorable YGG fondant cupcake toppers last week. They are made by "Death By Cupcake", on Etsy. You have to check out this Etsy store and see many more gorgeous toppers. I just love these YGG toppers! Makes me wish I was planning a YGG party..... I might just have to now! :)

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freelanceronfly84 said...

I like the idea of those cupcakes! Looks yummy....Thumbs up!

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