Sunday, January 10, 2010

Spice things up!

Another goal for 2010, is to get out of my "mom" funk. Unfortunately, as a mother you tend to neglect what you look like. You spend most of your time getting the kids ready and cute, going shopping for all kinds of new clothes for them. Make-up becomes a "special occasion" thing. And what you wear to bed, is whatever old t-shirts and sweats you have, stuffed in your drawers. Don't get me wrong, t-shirts and sweats are a definite must sometimes. I found some cute and sexy sleepwear, that will suit each individuals "raciness". Just in time for Valentine's, they are sure to put a grin on your hubby's face. Quoting a fellow blogger "It can't always be about the kids".
Fredricks of Hollywood
(Tuxedo Babydoll $36)

(Polka Dot Romper $20)

(Satin & Lace 3pc Pajama Set in Teal, pink Coco $19.99)
Other colors run $39-42.00 (Cap sleeve Emma Bust Babydoll $38)
They all come in extra large. And yes, some are pricey but sometimes you just have to pull out all the stops :)


Amaris said...

The first one is my favorite! It's sooo pretty!

Jeannette R. said...

That's my favorite too!!