Sunday, November 29, 2009

One down.....

So now that Thanksgiving is over, the stress of Christmas begins. It's seriously, the most stressful season of the year for me. Now I have 3 kids to buy presents for and for those of you with multiple children, I don't have to tell you how expensive it gets. My girls usually get all the attention, in presents. This year though, they will have to share the spotlight! Let's see how that goes. I will tell you now, I don't do much cooking for Christmas. We're Mexican, we make or buy tamales! In my case, I BUY. Our home must have Mexcian tamales and Salvadorian tamales, for my hubby and his family. My main priority during this season, is decorating. So that is my project this week. I usually change color scheme, each year. Last year I did browns and golds. So this year, since we are in a recession, I will be using the browns again but I think I will be throwing in some blues (in honor of Nate). Plus, my livingroom has a few blue accents. There is so much to do and so much to buy. But I am determined to get through it, without having a meltdown (hopefully). It will be hard, considering my hubby decided to turn 30 this year and now I have ANOTHER thing to plan for this month. Thanks dear! All kidding aside, he really deserves it. So I have no problem planning his 30th birthday, he does so much for our family. Well, I better not waste anytime, I must get to it! Wish me luck!
(I always have this...hehe)