Monday, October 26, 2009

Rough Day!

I don't know where my mind went today! I was COMPLETELY off my game. First, Nate had a doctor appointment in the morning. I fed him before I left the house, so I figured, I didn't need to take a bottle or food because I would be back home before his next feeding. I've been a mother for TEN years! Why did I think that was a good idea?!?! I have no idea! You never know what's going to happen, right? Well the doctor took FOREVER and of course, my son is pissed! Needless to say, I raced home to feed him! Then...I did it AGAIN!!!! I fed him before I left to pick up my girls from school. Thinking "I don't need to take the diaper bag. I'll be right back"....WRONG! After picking up the girls, I realize that I need to go to the market..."Ehh, I'll be in and out"...WRONG!! Of course I forget that a market trip with all 3 kids, is NEVER "in and out". So I'm taking longer than expected, the baby is starting to get angsty, as it is nearing another feeding. And remember, I didn't bring a bottle again. I'm at the check-out, when I reach for my wallet and I remember...I left it in the DIAPER BAG!!! Which I didn't bring, because I thought I would be right back!! So here I am, with the kids, at the market and not able to pay for my things and I just wanna CRY! I just couldn't believe that I had done that AGAIN, with the baby's food and then leaving my wallet. Well, I told the cashier that I had left my wallet in the car and I was going to be right back. I went outside, called my hubby, to see is he was on his way home. Fortunately he was, so he came to the market and we went inside to pay for my things. I couldn't even talk to him, when he got there. I felt like if I opened my mouth, I would have started to cry!! I just don't know what happened to me, today?!?! I felt so bad and disappointed in myself, like the worst mother ever!! I think I am truly losing my mind. So yeah...that was my day, today. I sure hope tomorrow is better!


im in heaven said...

Girl, you're so funny! I learned the hard way too! I have two bags, the huge one fully stocked w/ diapers, extra clothes, toys, etc, and a smaller one for just keys, wallet. I keep em in my living room closet so it stays ready. I can always just stick the little bag in the big bag and/or leave it in the car if I don't need it. (If you get jacked for diapers and wipes, no biggie)But with a little one, you kinda always have to lug around all that ish. =P