Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A night out....

Well I just got back from a night out with my bestest friends! I SOOO, look forward to nights like these. We went to Black Angus for Happy Hour and to watch the Dodger game. They lost, unfortunately but I still had a great time! I do love my pomegranate margaritas! Yum, yum!! I feel its really important, to get out, on your own....away from the crazy, that is my life! I've had a few things on my mind. I've been feeling, like I'm not doing something right. Tahlia has been having trouble at school and Nate's been doing all the things, he should be doing but I feel something is missing. I feel like he should be doing more or I should be doing more. Maybe its all in my head but I feel like more is needed from me. It's really frustrating me. Just when I think, I'm right on top of things, something happens, that tells me otherwise.