Monday, October 31, 2011

A Tween Halloween

This year, for my tweens Halloween festivities, we/she decided to go a different route. Being that she's DEFINITELY not a little girl anymore :( she wasn't up for "dressing" up this year. Yes, it made me sad but I was kind of excited because it gave me a chance to introduce her, to what I feel will be a pretty cool trend for the tween/teens in the years to come. The fabulous Genevieve of Celebration Today.... The Super Chick Way and Posh Party Pretties, aka the Kandy Kone queen, created what she calls "Kocktail Krowns". Kocktail Krowns are themed cocktail hats, that can give you an amazing dramatic look with out all the hoopla of a costume. When I showed these bad boys to my daughter she absolutely LOVED them, which made me super happy because she NEVER likes anything that I like or suggest for her (lame right!). I was fortunate enough to get my hands on one of these gorgeous hats and we had so much fun dressing her up! I totally think that anyone with a teen or even an adult, should check these out for next Halloween or for your next masquerade party. A very fun theme for New Years Eve parties is a masquerade and these would be PERFECT! Check out my gorgeous daughter sporting her "Kocktail Krown"!

She decided to wear a simple black dress and finish the look with accessories.
Thank you for the Kocktail Krown Genevieve! Totally in love with these!