Thursday, May 12, 2011

Cinco De Mayo

Yes. I know. I'm all late on this post. But it's still May! Just wanted to share my little set up for Cinco De Mayo, using some of the FAB free printables offered by Tini Posh. I had my bestie and her family over, along with my sister and hubby's friend to have some grub and Micheladas. I won't be posting photos of them,'s just say we had PLENTY of Micheladas! LOL.
P.S. Thank you so much Claudia for my extra mini bunting! :)

Funny thing. I actually own this tortilla warmer! LOL. So I brought it out for the occasion.

A mosaic jello mold seemed perfect to sport the mini bunting.
These are cookies that are mini versions of one of my fave childhood "pan dulces".
A candy stash....Mexican style!
Senor Tahlia! Hahaha


Michelle said...

Those Enchilda's look muy bueno!! But not as good as Senor Tahlia in that stache LOL too cute!

Tini Posh said...

Everything looks muy BONITO amiga!! Not to mention muy bueno!! Yum..LOL Tahlia with the stache!!

J. At Your Service said...

Thank you gals! I tried to get a stache on Nate but he wouldn't play!

Anonymous said...

that looked fantastic J!!!!


jamesdean said...

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Angela said...

Micheladas & mazapanes? Yes please! Love this! Beautiful styling, colors, food!