Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cricut Projects: XBox Centerpieces

Before I begin with my post, let me just say I have sooo missed blogging! My kids have been so sick and my hubby has been in horrible pain, due to an ulcer. All while working on party projects. As you can imagine I have been on overload, leaving no time to blog. But the parties are over, kids are getting better and my hubby is being medicated, so hopefully he's on the road to recovery.
Through all the crazy madness at home, I managed to finally break out my new toy, my Cricut Expression. I have started to provide party services, it's very exciting actually. Besides planning entire parties, I've provided little aspects on request. And a couple of months ago I was asked to make cupcake toppers and centerpieces for an Xbox themed party. They wanted to keep things simple and of course, a boys style. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous because I'm so use to working on girl themes (I've had girls ONLY, for the past 11 years). But I was up for the challenge because I do have a boy now and I'm going to have to start getting use to throwing boy themed parties. I was also nervous to use the Cricut for the first time but I thought this would be a good time to try. Watching the instructional video that came with my machine, was a HUGE help. And I did mess up a couple of times but I think I worked out something decent. Take a look at a little of what I worked on.

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Kay | Discount Business Cards said...

One word entered my mind when I saw this machine, complicated, but you used it like you are using for Nth time! Good job, because everything are cut perfectly

J. At Your Service said...

Thank you Kay! I was afraid of it at first too but the video helped A LOT. And then it wasn't as hard as I had feared! Believe me, if I can use this machine, ANYONE could....LOL!

monique said...

I am so jealous, I have been drooling over the Cricut for over a year.

Came over from bloggy moms, following you :)