Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's coming along....

I'm slowly but surely putting the pieces together, for my Thanksgiving dinner. I am going a little nuts though. I can't seem to find a table runner, that's long enough for my table. My table is about 65 1/2" long, but I have a leaf, that I will be adding. I believe it's about another 12 to 15 inches. Most runners are 72"! It's very frustrating. So my search continues tomorrow. But I have come across some great buys. I thought I would share.
I found gold (plastic, great fake outs)chargers, at the
99 cent store
(You guessed it $.99)

I also found 10 1/2" off white plates, with gold trim, at the 99 Cent Store. I bought them and ended up finding "whiter" ones, at Target. And in classic "Jeannette" form, I bought those too! To use instead of the ones I got at the 99. I know what you're thinking but I just couldn't help it!
Gold Band Porcelain Dinnerware
12 pk $14.99

Then I found the glasses to match
Libbey Gold Band Wine Glasses
Set of 12 $10.00

Next, was Michael's. Where I found these simple tags from Martha Stewart (Gotta love Martha) $4.99
There is still TONS to do, so I will be back out, bright and early!