Monday, November 23, 2009


I just had to blog one time, before the end of the night. I was so excited to buy, the popcorn boxes for Nate's first birthday, centerpieces. I posted some pictures a few weeks ago, with the ideas I had and I seen the boxes at Target, in the dollar section, I couldn't resist! I'm getting so excited about my baby boy's first birthday!
I also found this canopy, on Oriental Which I will be using for the table, pictured on the following photo. I thought it was the CUTEST idea!!
(photo source: Kara's Party Ideas)


Amaris said...

After the party is a success you can thank me for convincing you to do a carnival theme! You know how much I love color.

Jeannette R. said...

You can't take all the credit! Remember Oscar has been pretty adamant about it. He aint playing, when it comes to his son's first birthday! LOL!

javy g said...

two Carnival Partys! thats a lot of cotton to make sure my sugar levels are low..